How To Remove Checkpoint Snaphots Hyper-V State Recovery


For VMs in hyper-v create and delete checkpoints is normal. However, for some reason we use Veritas backup or Veeam backup software but fail midway, state VMs have checkpoints that monitor or snapshots in Hyper-v that cannot be deleted/merged be on the interface. In terms of quality delete checkpoint is called merge disk vhdx.


We use the command to check the virtual machine’s recoverysnaphot status.

Command to check VMs on HOST Hyper-V

Get-VMSnapshot -VMName 'VM' -ComputerName 'HOST'

Delete checkpoint (Snapshot) but cannot be done on Hyper-V manager interface, Because 3rd party software like Veeam or vertias has used snapshot mechanism to backup after backup will automatically delete checkpoint like power outage or error not being able to rollback sometimes crashes the VM. So the virtual machine will have the snapshotType status as Recovery.

Get-VMSnapshot -VMName 'VM' -ComputerName 'HOST' -SnapshotType Recovery

So to clear the checkpoint we have to clear it manually with the command below:

Get-VMSnapshot -VMName 'VM' -ComputerName 'HOST' -SnapshotType Recovery | Remove-VMSnapshot

After running with the command we see the process of deleting checkpoints in progress on the GUI Hyper-V Manager

So, Phuong Nguyen Share how to delete or merge a snapshot or checkpoint that is suspended or is running an error backup.

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